Cyber Liability Program

  • “Network held for ransom.” “Thousands of private records compromised in cyber-attack.” “Hackers shut down website.” 

    We’ve seen the headlines too, and like you, they make us nervous. And, like us, you may have questions: “Are we at risk?”, “How do we prepare?”, “How would we respond?”, “How would we restore our network, our balance sheet, and, most importantly, the public trust?” 

    Our mission is to listen to your concerns, identify solutions, and deliver value. To that end, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Minnesota Service Cooperatives Cyber Insurance Program. We’ve partnered with one of the Midwest’s leading risk management and insurance firms, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance, to craft a program that will help you manage your cyber risk and mitigate the effects of a cyber-security event.

    Program Information

    Visit the Minnesota Service Cooperative page on the Hausmann-Johnson website at