Minnesota Service Cooperatives

A Joint Powers Organization

Consumer Directed Health Plans

Service Cooperatives offer public employees and their employer’s high quality, cost effective insurance solutions that support local, voluntary choices using transparent processes.

A variety of Prescription Drug Programs, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Employee Voluntary Benefits, Onsite and Laboratory Drug & Alcohol Testing, and Medical Equipment & Supplies are also available through our cooperative contracts. 

Health Insurance Contacts by Service Cooperative
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Dan Weir, Risk Management Consultant, danjw@ebisinc.net 
Kristi Werner, Manager of Finance, Insurance & Human Resources, kwerner@lcsc.org
Melissa Walvatne, Assistant Manager of Insurance & Finance, mwalvatne@lcsc.org
Lori Overton, Insurance Assistant, loverton@lcsc.org
Ann Dolence, Wellness Facilitator, adolence@lcsc.org 



Michael Grahek, Risk Management Administrator, mgrahek@nesc.k12.mn.us
Steve Roskoski, Benefits Analyst, sroskoski@nesc.k12.mn.us 


Dan Weir, Risk Management Consultant, danjw@ebisinc.net



Dan Weir, Risk Management Consultant, danjw@ebisinc.net 



 Larry IntVeld, Insurance Service Director, lintveld@comcast.net



Suzanne Riley, Executive Director, sriley@ssc.coop
Bill Colopoulos, Health Benefits Consultant, bcolopoulos@ssc.coop
Dale Walston, Director of Operations, dwalston@ssc.coop


Doug Deragisch, Director of Risk Management, doug.deragisch@swsc.org
Dan Weir, Risk Management Consultant, danjw@ebisinc.net
Kari Bailey, Health Cost Management Coordinatorkari.bailey@swsc.org
Bobbie Carmody, Administrative Assistant,bobbie.carmody@swsc.org
Health Insurance Pool
Laura Dwyer, Risk Manager, laura.dwyer@njpacoop.org
David Jessop, Risk Manager, david.jessop@njpacoop.org