EDvancement ... Competency-Based Professional Learning for MN Educators

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    MSC EDvancement provides a sustainable system of professional growth that ... 
    1. elevates the profession of teaching,
    2. is competency driven,
    3. addresses teacher and student needs,
    4. is individualized and flexible, and
    5. leads to a valued credentials. 

  • MDE Commissioner Heather Mueller’s focus on learning recovery noted in this article has districts across the state developing strategies to address these needs for their students. Educators across Minnesota are already benefiting from our ongoing partnership with BloomBoard. While our partnership isn’t new, we are excited to share with you some new offerings to equip you for challenges you and your teachers are facing as a direct result of COVID-19.
    Click on each of the "Building Educator Skills ... " arrows below to explore the micro-credential options available to MN school districts. Please reach out to Jen McLachlan with any questions you have.
  • Building Educator Skills to Support Student Well-Being
  • Building Educator Skills to Support Learning Recovery
  • Building Educator Skills to Support Attending to Equity


  • In partnership with BloomBoard, MSC is working with districts across the state to offer a competency-based professional learning framework comprising a series of micro-endorsements, which allow educators to prove proficiency in specific practice areas while accumulating masters equivalent credit hours.
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  • How Do You Earn a Micro-credential?