Service Cooperative Regions and Locations

  • Each service cooperative employs an Executive Director to administer the agency. The Executive Directors meet monthly to discuss issues of common interest. The chairperson of MSC is Cliff Carmody.

Agency Leadership & Contact Info


Contact MSC

  • Anne Kilzer
    Anne Kilzer, Executive Director
    C: 651-261-9692
    525 Park Street, Suite 255
    St. Paul, MN 55103

The Minnesota Service Cooperatives:

    • Identify and analyze service opportunities and needs for our members.
    • Provide advice to state policy makers on the needs, priorities, and system of accountability for local education programs and other governmental agencies.
    • Present and serve exclusively the participating Service Cooperatives and their members interests.
    • Facilitate interagency collaboration in the delivery of programs. Promote development of services and programs to children and members, among state and local education and general government agencies.
    • Develop policy to fit service needs and issues. Anticipate future trends in the needs of members and help develop policies and services to accommodate the needs and issues.  Bring staff expertise to bear on major issues and problems. 
    • Utilize the program and technical expertise of Service Cooperative personnel through collaboration and cooperation.
    • Continue the support and development of Regional Service Cooperative staff. Encourage internal staff development in recruitment, orientation, training, and in new techniques.
    • Provide support for the successful operations of each Service Cooperative through regional service delivery.
    • Encourage Program Delivery. Members may work together to provide collaborative programs or services to their members, in accordance with their enabling statue, M.S. 123A.21, subd. 7.
    • Act as a Liaison. Encourage, support and foster effective working relationships with national and state organizations including the Legislative, Executive and Administrative bodies.